Hey guys! I’m participating in a sexy adult anthology with some other really great artists! I have a really cool ten page story planned for it, too, called COVENANT that I’m really excited about getting to make. So, check it out!

    I’ve gotten several people asking me about commissions, and on the kickstarter there’s some sketch level and even commission level rewards from me. So now is your chance to get your drawings AND some rad sexy comics too!

    Check out Armorous on Kickstarter!

  2. Banished #301

  3. Attempting to draw anxiety.

  4. First four in my Everybody Babywearing series. So many more to come!

    The background watermark/design says Everyday Babywearing, why? Because these are being featured weekly in the banner over at Everyday Babywearing on facebook :)

  5. Banished page 300!! :)

  6. Banished update!! Oh Gavol..you are something else.

  11. Some more Banished - Colored by me :)

  12. Wizardcorn!! :)

  13. Botanist.

    I felt like drawing tonight.

  14. Banished ~ 293

  15. Doodles from yesterday :)