1. Banished ~ 293

  2. Doodles from yesterday :)

  3. Latest Banished :)

  4. new lipstick, new nail polish :)

  5. New Banished is up!!
    Wow..that robot is horrifying o_o

  6. I <3 fluffy butts :)
    baby onesie designs on my shop

    cloth diaper love <3

  7. Really proud of this onesie design I made for little wraplings. Yay babywearing :)

  8. http://banishedonline.com/index.php?date=2014-04-15

    Time to catch up on Banished!! I am back and working my bum off to color all the paged Brandon drew while I was moving :)

  9. Something that lepas did to a guy at ECCC

  10. Banished page 288 colors :)

  11. Dont worry, Wadsworth, Iris’s snuggles will keep you safe :)

  12. Drew a thing while watching the Broodhollow Live stream. Amg my baby is waking up now!! BYE

  13. Have you been keeping up with Banished?

  14. Finished my self care zine food edition submission! Behold! A preview!

  15. http://interstellarselfiestation.com

    probs the last one lol?